Discover the must-know secrets to building a six-figure business by referral!

Even if you don’t have much of a network to speak of or feel like you’ve been networking for next to nothing your whole life!

Virginia Muzquiz explaining how to get a Tribe

3-Day Live Event

Via Zoom

April 21-23, 2022

10am - 6pm (Central)

Complimentary Access

Join the Master Connectors Team and Business Professionals, Coaches and Consultants from around the world for 3-days of POWERFUL training on how to increase your income, influence and impact by creating a community of like-minded Advocates, Ambassadors and Referral Affiliates!

PLUS discover proven methods for effective and profitable networking in the digital economy.

98% of small business owners rely on referrals, only 3% have a plan!

Imagine the power of having a team of business professionals who proactively support your vision and your mission and who promote you and your business to their community, clients and centers of influence.

Or, imagine adding $100K or more to your revenue without a single dollar in ad spend!

That is entirely possible when you have a system for growing your social capital and exponentially leveraging your relationship equity.

Cultivating relationships with like-minded industry professionals who serve your ideal clients in ways that you don’t is one of the most profitable ways to grow your business.  When connections and opportunities are exchanged on purpose in good faith, profits grow and everyone wins – from referral partners, to clients to the community you serve!

Imagine the power of spending three days immersed in sharing your business mission, vision, goals and purpose with people who are already committed to curating relationships that build business!

And imagine the value of sharing not only business opportunities and referrals, but also knowledge, experience and networks that can help you avoid pitfalls, pot holes and road blocks so you can travel the fast track to success!

A referral is the opportunity to connect with a prospect who has the problem you solve, acknowledges it, and who is ready to have a conversation!

And when you receive on, you are 90% more likely to close that deal than if the prospect found you online or on a bulletin board at a local café!  Because trust is high from the get-go, referred prospects invest at a much higher price point AND they are 95% more likely to refer to you friends and family!

I’m new to business and don’t have much of a professional network – should I attend?

Yes!  We’ll show you how to leverage your personal network to help you grow your professional one!

I network like a boss – but I never get any business.  I network because “I should,” but if you ask me, it’s total waste of time!

Agreed!  Most small business owners network without a roadmap and end up getting lost in the weeds!  At Get Connected LIVE!  We’ll share our proven strategies for building a network that WORKS!

The last 6 months without being able to go to in-person events has been really hard on me… will this event help?

Absolutely!  We’ll be sharing tried and true tips and tactics for networking in the digital space… PLUS you’ll have a chance to put what you learn into practice during the event!  

You see, I’ve been building my business by referral for more than 2 decades… and I’ve been where you are – wherever you are!

I learned the value of creating a plan for getting referrals more than a decade ago when I took over management of a local tutoring franchise. In my first year, I was able to increase our college prep enrollments by 800% using a simple to follow word-of-mouth strategy – in a town 45 miles from my home, where I knew absolutely no one!

Later I used that same strategy to grow that company’s No Child Left Behind program from $0 in annual revenue to $2.5 MILLION in annual revenue – in just over 5 years!

In 2011, I left that tutoring franchise and started my coaching practice, dedicated to helping business owners discover the secret to creating 6-figure incomes by referral. I’ve used the same system I teach to grow this business from $0 in 2010 to nearly $250K in annual revenue in about 18 months!

If you can have a conversation over a cup of coffee – you can grow your business by referral, too! It’s just a matter of doing the right work with the right people to get the result you are looking for!


Join us and learn the art and science of creating relationships that lead to referrals and connections that create cashflow for your business while providing powerful opportunities to grow both professionally and personally!

Your business matters and there are prospects out there just waiting to meet someone like you… someone like them… someone they know, like and can trust enough to help them find a solution to a problem that is causing them stress and costing them sleep! 

YOU are the Trusted Advisor they need – and they may never even entertain a conversation with you unless someone they know, like and trust makes the introduction!  At GET CONNECTED LIVE! you’ll discover the must-know secrets to inspiring your network to do just that!

When You Attend Get Connected LIVE, you’ll discover:

  • Why 70% of your network doesn’t refer you… and why they never will!
  • How to organize the network you already have so you can dedicate time to the relationships that are most likely to create referrals!
  • 5 different types of business referral relationships and how to engage with each one for maximum referral equity
  • 3 proven methods for growing your network, without ever attending another event
  • Powerful strategies for networking in the digital economy

Get Connected LIVE is more than a training – it’s a powerful networking event that will kick-start your referral marketing for months to come!  Our clients tell us that their business grows after each and every event, so we are confident that spending three days with us will be an incredibly value-added way to invest your time!

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