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Calling all business owners who want more leads on a consistent basis…
without spending a fortune on advertising.
It’s time to find the referrals that get you revenue.

June 8-10, 2023



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Win-Win for Everyone

What would a win-win look like for you?

Imagine if every conversation you had with someone resulted in a win for you and a win for them?

Would that be cash for you and a new connection for them?

Would that be new subscribers for you and new subscribers for them?

Would that be a new source of clients for you…and a new source of knowledge for them?

What does YOUR win-win look like?

Imagine the power of having a team of fellow business owners, ready to support you, your vision and your mission.

People who promote you to their community….and people you’re eager to promote to your circle of influence. 

Imagine adding $100K or more to your revenue without a single dollar in ad spend!

That is entirely possible when you have a system for growing your business by referral.

If you’ve never used “referrals” in the past…

If you’ve gone to “networking” events in the past but just can’t get them to work for YOU…

If you’ve tried to create win-win relationships with your existing network…but it never seems to work…

It’s time to dedicate a few days to building your business.

To finding the referrals that will give you revenue…and that you’ll help grow too.

When I Started My Entrepreneurial Journey...
I Put Myself in Debt Because of What I Didn't Know 

About Generating Referrals...

Hi, I’m Virginia Muzquiz, owner at Rev Up Your Referrals and host of Get Connected Live.

I started in the MLM world, and was really good at getting new people into my stream of partners…but I was giving away all my money to do it.

I’d invest $100 and get $50 back.

That math just doesn’t work.

I didn’t understand how to grow with referrals. I was doing everything wrong.

And it put me deep into debt.

Years later, using all of the lessons I learned on what NOT to do, I became part of a tutoring franchise.

I grew enrollment by 800% in the first year.

When we launched a new program, I grew it from $0 to $2.5 million within 5 years.

And I did it all by referral.

Referrals are simply a way of people you know, like and trust recommending you to people they know, like and trust.

It’s the basis of doing business. To me, “doing business” is a myth. People do business with other people.

And that all comes down to relationships.

But how do you know which relationships to invest in…and which ones will suck you dry?

How do you know which people in your network are referral gold mines…and which are simply acquaintances who won’t drive clients your way?

How can you build a business on relationships?

I’m going to show you how.

Generate Referrals Like Clockwork

Over three days, we’re going to not only show you a step-by-step process to generate referrals like clockwork….

You’ll start the process at the event.

Unlike other “networking” events where you only have 60 seconds to get to know someone…and it’s on you to set up another call…and another call…and another call until you’re ready to work with someone…

This event has a built-in process to get to know the network of fellow attendees.

These are potential joint venture partners…referrals partners…maybe even clients.

They’re all small business owners who believe in the power of relationships.

Which is why we don’t even talk about our businesses until DAY 3!


When I suddenly became the single mother of 6 I realized that my DJing, previously more of a hobby for, now needed to become a real business and I wasn’t sure how to go about that.
I chose to go to work with Virginia because after talking to her I felt that she truly cared about my story, and me. It was clear that she had the toolsI needed to help me turn my hobby into a successful in my business.
Since attending the seminar I have gained more confidence, realized my value and raised my prices, and I feel that my business relationships have improved greatly!

Dana BrustDJ Divine


Before working with Virginia, I was trying to decide if I should give up on my business and go find a job because I had no clear Idea of where to begin to get the volume of business I needed to survive, let alone, thrive!
I had no idea how I was going to create success in a down economy as a new business owner in a competitive industry.
At the Rev Up LIVE event I learned so much about myself as an individual and a business owner.
I’ve been applying the Rev Up principles to my business for just over a year now and my business has nearly doubled and continues to grow. I’m no longer thinking about looking for a job—I’m looking for people to hire!

This program has changed my life!

Michelle AhrensY-Knot Enterprises

Over the course of three days…you’re going to build your business.

That means creating the networking, finding the connections, and defining the SUCCESS you want to have to build a business that supports your life…instead of a life that supports your business.

No more weird schedules.

No more constant worry over how you’re going to get people to come to you.

No more bending over backwards for people and getting nothing in return.

This event is giving the framework, process and systems to make your business grow by referral.

Here’s what that looks like:

Creating Your Vision

Dive deep and identify the true vision of your future. Not just for business…but also for your life. What do you want your schedule to look like? What does a business that supports your life instead of a life that supports your business look like?

Identifying Your Assets

How can you help people…without referring clients to them? What is your biggest strength or knowledge that someone else needs…and costs you nothing?

We’ll guide you through a process for identifying the gold in your own network and how to share that with others.

Creating a System

Waiting around for referrals to happen isn’t a great business plan. Once you connect with someone…how do you turn that into a great referral source? We’ll show you the system to turn those conversations into real relationships…and those real relationships into valuable connections and referrals for you.

This Event is For You If…

You’re just starting out in business

As a new business owner, you struggle with building the right network. We’ll help you identify the gold already in your network…even if you’re just starting your business…and how to turn those connections into valuable relationships that will help you build for years to come.

You’ve been in business a while and really want to leverage all your past work

Since the pandemic hit and everything moved online…you're showing up…you’re networking…you’re going to all the Zooms…and you are seeing nothing from it.

You’ll discover the system I use so you can put yourself in control of your referrals. Speed up this process and discover how to make every networking event you show up for completely worth your time…instead of wasting hours and hours on events that will give you nothing in return.

You’re in the joint venture world

You’re all in on helping others build their business…and having other people promote you and build your business, too. But…your partners seem to be underperforming. You get a ton of people who say they’ll support you…but only a few actually do anything.

Discover how to find more of the people who will bend over backward to help you and promote you…and fewer of the people who make big promises and then disappear into the woodwork.


Before working with Virginia, I wasn’t getting referrals because while everyone knew someone who they thought should see a counselor, no one wanted to actually recommend counseling to their friends and family.
I was spending a lot of time and money networking and getting little or nothing for my efforts. Before working the Rev Up Your Referrals process, I was very uncertain about how to present myself in networking situations.
Now, I have a clear message and can communicate it with confidence. As a result of working with Virginia, I know where and how to network. I know how to communicate a clear message. I know who to network with to get the best results.
My work with Virginia has completely changed the way I do networking. I have learned to pursue my passion and expertise, and now I only work with parents and children doing the work I love best, helping kids have happy childhoods and helping moms love being moms.

Deborah Woods

One Year from Now

What will it look like in a year…if you still don’t have a system to get people to come to you?

How many more sleepless nights?

How many more 60-hour weeks?

How many more months of living “paycheck to paycheck” even though you’re your own boss.

It’s time to own your schedule, create the life you want, and use a system to build a business that’s successful for you.

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