Sick and tired of networking for nothing?

If you are an established Coach, Consultant or B2B service provider looking for a way to grow and scale through the power of strategic partnerships this 5-day bootcamp is for you! 

In just five 90-minute sessions you'll discover how simple it is to grow your business without complicated funnels, social media hassles and the expense of paid traffic by leveraging the network you already have!

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Win-Win for Everyone

Imagine if every conversation you had with someone resulted in a win for you and a win for them?

Would that be cash for you and a new connection for them?

Would that be new subscribers for you and new alliances for them?

Would that be a new source of clients for you…and a new source of knowledge for them?

What does YOUR win-win look like?

Imagine the power of having a team of fellow business owners who stand ready to support you, your vision and your mission.

People who promote you to their community….and people you’re eager to promote to your circle of influence. 

Imagine adding $100K or more to your revenue without a single dollar in ad spend!

That is entirely possible when you have a system for growing your business by referral.  Not the unpredictable kind of referrals from the 83% of clients who SAY they would refer you (when fewer than 20% actually do).  Not the "empty promise" introductions from JV partners and COIs (those centers of influence you are networking ad nauseum with).  We are talking bonafide connections to well-qualified prospects who have the problem you solve, want a solution and have the means to invest... with YOU!

If you’ve gone to “networking” events in the past but just can’t get them to work for YOU…

If you’ve tried to create win-win relationships with your existing network…but it never seems to work…

It’s time to dedicate a few days to building a blueprint that will allow you to leverage your network in a way you've never conceived so you can start creating powerful partnerships with the people who have the skills, resources, knowledge, networks and motivation to grow business with you.

I've tried every marketing strategy under the sun... and I always return to this!

Hi, I’m Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Alchemist, founder of Master Connectors, Inc. and your coach at Get Connected Live.

I started in the MLM world, and was really good at getting people to buy my products one on one.  But I was challenged to influence hostesses to invite their friends to parties so I could sell one to many. 

And don't get me started on team building!  I frequently refer to those days as my Direct Sales Epic Fail. And it cost me... BIG TIME!

Since you are here, I'm guessing you've been there.  

Spending countless hours networking and connecting the people you meet to the people they want to know, but enjoying little to no reciprocity.

Investing money in creating courses you can't seem to sell, list-building strategies that promise abundant profit and business-building courses that leave your revenue -- and your motivation -- flat.

I get it.  And I've got the solution!

Years later, using all of the lessons I learned on what NOT to do, I was hired as VP of sales for a guy who owned multiple locations of a prominent tutoring franchise.

In year one, I grew test prep sales by 800% in the first year through the power of strategic alliances.

We launched our contract services division in 2006, and using the power of relationship, I grew it from $0 to more than $2.5 million annual revenue in less than 5 years.

I've condensed everything I discovered in those 5 years into a proven system that helps B2B coaches, consultants and service providers grow their business while reclaiming their time so they can build a business while living their life by design.

For more than a decade now, I've been helping entrepreneurs and business owners just like you create strategic partnerships that turn networking into a marketing machine that builds your business in way less time than you are spending doing it alone.

Entrepreneurs like Dr. Greg Judice, a Physical Therapist who increased his revenue by 262%, hired an assistant and used his free time to enjoy his favorite hobby -- woodworking.

Entrepreneurs like transformational leadership consultant Ivy Woolf Turk who leveraged HER network to the tune of $20K in just 30 days of implementing the system after years of stagnation in her business.

Entrepreneurs like Dallas Amsden, founder of Communicate 2 Succeed, who increased his revenue from $2500/mo to $10K/mo and moved his family into their dream home.

For the first time in their lives, they were solo-entrepreneurs doing business in community.  A community that they themselves created using the network they already had a foundation for their success.

Listen, referrals aren't some mystical, magical opportunities that manifest themselves when your stars are somehow aligned.  They come from intentionally creating reciprocity with people you know, like and trust who recommend you to people they know, like and trust.

But how do you know which relationships to invest in…and which ones will suck you dry?

How do you know which people in your network are referral gold mines…and which are simply acquaintances who won’t drive clients your way?

How can you build and scale a business on relationships?

I’m going to show you how.

If you want to generate referrals like clockwork... It's time for GET CONNECTED!

As soon as you register, I'll send you IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the materials.  I'm not just going to show you a step-by-step process to generate referrals like clockwork….

You are going to create your very own Referral Nexus Blueprint that you can use to start creating powerful partnerships that lead to connections, cashflow, referrals and revenue.

In this training you'll uncover the secret treasures hidden within your network AND have the opportunity to share those treasures with others who can reciprocate with their resources, knowledge and networks.   

No more "networking" just to collect 20-30-40 names and contact info and then spend hours chasing down people who never respond to an email or return a call.


When I suddenly became the single mother of 6 I realized that my DJing, previously more of a hobby for, now needed to become a real business and I wasn’t sure how to go about that.
I chose to go to work with Virginia because after talking to her I felt that she truly cared about my story, and me. It was clear that she had the toolsI needed to help me turn my hobby into a successful in my business.
Working with Virginia I have gained more confidence, realized my value and raised my prices, and I feel that my business relationships have improved greatly!

Dana BrustDJ Divine


Before working with Virginia, I was trying to decide if I should give up on my business and go find a job because I had no clear Idea of where to begin to get the volume of business I needed to survive, let alone, thrive!
I had no idea how I was going to create success in a down economy as a new business owner in a competitive industry.
Working with Virginia I learned so much about myself as an individual and a business owner.
I’ve been applying her principles to my business for just over a year now and my business has nearly doubled and continues to grow. I’m no longer thinking about looking for a job—I’m looking for people to hire!

Michelle AhrensY-Knot Enterprises

In This Course You Will:

Clarify Your Vision

Dive deep and identify the true vision of your future. Not just for business…but also for your life. What do you want your schedule to look like? What does a business that supports your life instead of a life that supports your business look like?

Identify Your Assets

How can you support your referral partners when you don't have qualified prospects to send their way?

We’ll guide you through a process for identifying all the resources you have at your disposal (you have more to give thatn you know!) and  show you how to share them with others in a way that feels effortlessly generous so you can stay in reciprocity without feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

Qualify Your Network

Discover how to do the RIGHT work with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT measure so you can stop spinning your wheels and start getting real traction with your network.

Create Your Plan 

Most courses leave you with lots of information and little implementation.  With GET CONNECTED you'll get next steps AND an action plan for putting all you've learned to work for your business.  PLUS, we'll show you all of your essential next steps to making sure your networking fills your calendar with conversations with qualified prospects who are excited to learn how they can work with you!

This Course is IDEAL For You If…

You’ve been in business a while and really want to leverage all your past work and...

Your business relies on referrals to generate revenue.

You're showing up to events…you’re networking in person…going to all the ZOOMs…and not getting results.

You LOVE people and HATE that you feel frustrated by their lack of follow up and follow through.

You're consistently earning $3-5K+ per month and are ready to double... even triple... that, but you don't want to mess with tech, funnels or paid traffic.

You’ll discover the system I use so you can put yourself in control of your referrals. Speed up this process and discover how to make every networking event you show up for completely worth your time…instead of wasting hours and hours on events that will give you nothing in return.

Or, if you’ve been doing the joint venture thing for a couple of years and...

You’ve gone all in helping others build their business… but your partners seem to be underperforming.

You get a ton of people who say they’ll support you…but only a few actually do anything.

You want partners that don't need to be begged, cajoled, reminded, hounded and hassled to follow through for you.

You'll discover how to find more of the people who will bend over backward to help you and promote you…and fewer of the people who make big promises and then disappear into the woodwork.


Before working with Virginia, I wasn’t getting referrals because while everyone knew someone who they thought should see a counselor, no one wanted to actually recommend counseling to their friends and family.
I was spending a lot of time and money networking and getting little or nothing for my efforts.

Now my PlayTime Power program is up and thriving. I'm helping moms raise empathetic, competent kids and for the first time in forever, I have the money I need to do the things that I want to do!

My work with Virginia has completely changed my business. 

Deborah Woods

One Year from Now

What will it look like in a year…if you still don’t have a system to get qualified prospects in the door?


How many more 60-hour weeks? How many more sleepless nights?

How much longer will you go without a vacation, stuck finding clients on your own,

hoping and praying for opportunity to come knocking?

How many more months of living “paycheck to paycheck” .....

even though you’re your own boss.

It’s time to own your schedule, create the life you want, and use a system to build powerful partnerships that help you build the business that fuels your passions, funds your dreams and has a massive impact on you, your community and the family that you love.

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