Course Details for Referral Alchemy® Academy PLUS!



Welcome to the Referral Alchemy Academy PLUS!

All the information you need to fully implement the Referral Alchemy training is below.

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Each week, on Wednesday, you’ll receive an email with a link to that week’s training. The Referral Alchemy process builds on itself, so be sure to complete each week’s training before moving on to the next. Otherwise you’ll be a little lost.

Each week there will be homework or assignments that you can do and submit for feedback. You can send your homework to

Let us know what week’s homework it is by using the subject line, “Week #X Homework”


Every Tuesday at 1 PM Central (11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern), it’s time for you to bring your questions to the open office hour group coaching call. You can ask questions about that week’s training or any previous week and bring them to the table.

These are open Q&A sessions and can last up to the full 90 minutes to get your questions answered.

These sessions are incredibly powerful and a key part of putting the Referral Alchemy process in place for your business. This is your opportunity to ask anything that revolves around you and your business in particular.

Be sure to add the Coaching Calls to your calendar.

Your Zoom link to join the coaching sessions:

As a member of the Academy, you’ll also get unlimited laser coaching.

Now what does that mean?

Laser coaching is for answering a really quick question and helping you get unstuck.

You can submit your questions via Marco Polo. 

Please try to keep it to one question per Polo so we keep communications clear! Here’s how to get set up!

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Marco Polo:

You will receive an answer within two business days. This is perfect for anything that comes up in between office hour sessions.

You can use this as many times as you need and oftentimes you may receive an answer even faster.


As an Academy PLUS student, you have also gained access to the “What the Hell Do I Sell?” Workshop.

Below is the schedule for this workshop. Add it to your calendar now so you’re able to fully participate.

What the Hell Do I Sell?
November 12
10 AM-4 PM Central

You can confirm your live attendance (or let us know you’ll be watching the replays) here

I rely on my own Referral Nexus of Referral Alchemists to provide great experiences at these live events. I need to know how many people will be in the room so you can get the best benefit.


You’ll receive access to your first training on November 9.

I use Google Groups to make it super easy to access and so you don’t have to worry about yet another platform to log into. Each week you get access to a link with the training.

All of the trainings will be available in Drive. This is also where you’ll find the recordings of your coaching calls.


Get Connected Live is taking place March 9-11.

As a member of the Referral Alchemy Academy, you have the opportunity to attend for free. If you haven’t claimed your bonus ticket yet, click here to put down your seat deposit. 

After you attend the event fully, your deposit will be returned to you.

Like the Referral Alchemy trainings, the training at this event builds on itself. Be sure to block out the full three days to attend fully.

Details about the event and information for other opportunities (such as attending in-person) will be sent closer to the event. For now, you can add the dates to your calendar.