Referral Alchemy® Academy Launch!

October 15 – November 4, 2022

Tips for JV Success

Here are some hot tops for maximizing your opportunity in The Referral Alchemy® Academy Launch:

  1. Personalize promotional emails and posts.   Include your own insights, stories and perspective.  Your audience wants to hear from YOU… and the more of your voice they hear, the better results you will see! Add your personal experience with your referral partners to illustrate the points made in the swipe.  Personalization = higher conversion!
  1. Have we worked together? Include our story.  Use a solid testimonial format that includes:
    1. What was happening before you decided to work with me?
    2. How did you find out about me?
    3. What made you decide to work with me?
    4. What did working for me do for your business?
    5. Now, on the other side, how has your business improved / changed for the better?
  1. Do you have a photo of us hanging out or working together? Include it to make your promotion more credible.
  1. Consider dedicating time daily to social media promotion. You’ll get your message in front of more eyes!
  1. Let’s do something LIVE!  We can hop on ZOOM and livestream a quick 15-minute interview to your favorite social media platform.  Or how about a quick FB Live Q&A session for your audience?  Click here to schedule a Livestream appointment with me.
  1. Don’t be afraid to personally reach out to your friends and colleagues. Very often a personal phone call, text or email, and a personalized recommendation (“I think this program would be great for you…   because…”) is what makes all the difference.
  1. Focus on the FREE content to increase opt-ins.  You’ve got lots of options: a report, an info session and 3-session bootcamp for your audience all at no cost to your audience.  Each of these is jam-packed with valuable insight and information that will help participants grow their business… and they will thank you for sharing it with them!
  1. Remember to send to unopens. You can re-send the same email, just be sure to change the subject line to give you a better chance of piquing people’s interest.  This strategy can easily add up to 50% to your original open rate.

LAUNCH DATES:  October 15- November 5, 2022
Promotional activities

October 15-16   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Report
October 17-19   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Information Session
October 20-21   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Intensive
October 22        Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp
October 23-24   Mail for Day 1 webinar: The Referral Alchemy® Secret
October 25-26   Mail for Day 2 webinar: The Referral Magnetism Blueprint
October 27-28   Mail for Day 3 webinar: The Referral Funnel Formula
October 29-30   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp recordings
Oct 31-Nov 4     Cart Open – promote Referral Alchemy® Academy
November 4       Cart Close