Referral Alchemy® Academy Launch!

October 15 – November 4, 2022


Program: The Referral Alchemy® Academy

Relationship and Referrals are the foundation of a profitable business. Students in the Referral Alchemy® Academy learn and implement a proven process for building a strategic referral nexus of promotional partners who bring them a reliable stream of ideal prospects … upon request.

Who this program is for:

This program is ideal for coaches, consultants, course creators and commissioned sales professionals who are looking for a way to get better results from their networking efforts. For those just starting out – building a referral nexus is a low-cost, low-tech approach to getting more profitable results from networking with their professional connections. If they have an existing network, audience or following, having a proven, proactive strategy for curating and cultivating a profitable referral nexus can have a massive positive impact on their revenue. Students in The Referral Alchemy® Academy will discover:

  • The 4 foundational elements of creating a referrable offer
  • A single, powerful strategy for creating the messaging that partners need successfully refer them
  • A 3-part conversation that guarantees referral conversion
  • The proven process for equipping and motivating partners to actively fill their referral pipeline
  • And much, much more…

Program Investment:   $1497 Full Pay or 6 Payments of $297

Affiliate Commission:  $375
Promotional Dates: October 15 – November 4
Live Program Begins: November 8
Program Length: 12 weeks

LAUNCH DATES:  October 15- November 5, 2022
Promotional activities

October 15-16   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Report
October 17-19   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Information Session
October 20-21   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Intensive
October 22        Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp
October 23-24   Mail for Day 1 webinar: The Referral Alchemy® Secret
October 25-26   Mail for Day 2 webinar: The Referral Magnetism Blueprint
October 27-28   Mail for Day 3 webinar: The Referral Funnel Formula
October 29-30   Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp recordings
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