Referral Alchemy® Academy Launch!

October 15 – November 4, 2022

Thank you so much for supporting my Referral Alchemy® Academy launch!

I love teaching this program and seeing the great results my students have as they are implementing this process. 

Thank you for your help spreading the word about this program and I can’t wait to send you some big commissions!

If you haven’t sign up yet as my affiliate – you can create your account RIGHT HERE ->

I appreciate YOU!

Virginia Muzquiz

LAUNCH DATES:  October 15- November 5, 2022
Promotional activities

October 15-16             Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Report

October 17-19             Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Information Session

October 20-21             Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Intensive

October 22                  Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp

October 23-24             Mail for Day 1 webinar: The Referral Alchemy® Secret

October 25-26             Mail for Day 2 webinar: The Referral Magnetism Blueprint

October 27-28             Mail for Day 3 webinar: The Referral Funnel Formula

October 29-30             Mail for the Referral Alchemy® Bootcamp recordings

Oct 31-Nov 4               Cart Open – promote Referral Alchemy® Academy

November 4                Cart Close