Connection$ to Ca$hflow Bootcamp

Generate a Stream of Ideal Prospects
to Increase Cashflow and
Clients in 2022

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Having too many sales conversations that go nowhere?

Tired of riding the revenue roller coaster?

Tried all the marketing strategies you can think of…only to see poor or no results?

Frustrated with wondering where your next lead…sale…or client is coming from?

What if you could get the right people to come to YOU? Direct.

AND…they came with built-in trust.

Instead of investing (or wasting) hundreds or thousands of dollars in paid ads…only to get unqualified leads instead of paying clients…

What if you could get your ideal prospects to show up…raise their hand…and say “YES!” to working with you?

I’m talking about referrals.

Can Referrals REALLY Bring Me
a Steady Stream of Clients?

You may be thinking…

“I love referrals…but I can’t rely on them!”

That’s simply not true. I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses with the power of referrals…and helped dozens of clients do the same.

You CAN create your own Referral Funnel…powerful partnerships that give you a steady stream of prospects eager to become clients who are ready to brag about you to their friends.

You get to decide when you want to turn the faucet up…or slow it down.

You decide who comes in…


With Referral Alchemy.

I want to show you exactly how to do this for your business.


Connection$ to Ca$hflow Bootcamp

December 28-30

A 3-Day Bootcamp to create your own Referral Funnel Roadmap…where your ideal clients are SENT to you with a rock solid recommendation…and a 70% higher chance of conversion.

What will 2022 bring you? More frustration? More roller coaster months?

More uncertainty in the world and your life?

Or more qualified leads? More ideal prospects? More income, influence, impact and FREEDOM!

A closer community of people who WANT to support you?

Connection$ to Ca$hflow is a 3-Day, FREE Bootcamp happening December 28-30.

In just 90 minutes a day you will create your very own Referral Funnel Roadmap…a way to get steady leads into your world that are the RIGHT FIT for you and your business…

No need to waste time on cold calling or paid media like Facebook ads.

Instead, create a steady stream of on-demand people who are your ideal prospect, calling YOU up and asking for a conversation.

The best part…they come to you…

So you don’t have to constantly be on the hunt for new opportunities!

Instead, you build a network of ideal colleagues and friends who send you these gems.

This means they’re people actively looking for your help…because they mentioned it to someone they TRUST that they wanted a solution.


How do you become the trusted person in your network?

Become a referral alchemist!

And I’m going to show you how.

About the Host

Hi, I’m Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Diva.

I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses on the power of referrals. It’s the core of my marketing strategy and what I teach others how to do.

For the first time ever, I’m hosting this 3-Day Bootcamp to really showcase to people how my clients build $100K+ Referral Funnels for themselves time and again!

Seriously, I’ve done this for over 20 years and helped countless people add $100K+ to their business when they work with me.

Here’s what a few people have to say about working with me:

"I chose to go to work with Virginia because after talking to her I felt that she truly cared about my story, and me. It was clear that she had the tools I needed to help me turn my hobby into a successful business."
Dana Brust
DJ Divine
"I’ve been applying Virginia's principles to my business for just over a year now and my business has nearly doubled and continues to grow. I’m no longer thinking about looking for a job—I’m looking for people to hire! This program has changed my life!"
Michelle Ahrens
Y-Knot Enterprises
"My work with Virginia has completely changed the way I do networking. I have learned to pursue my passion and expertise, and now I only work with parents and children doing the work I love best, helping kids have happy childhoods and helping moms love being moms."
Deborah Woods
The Magnetic Mom

My Business Philosophy

I run my business on what I call my “Impact FIRST” philosophy.

My students all prioritize dedicating time, talent and resources to making a difference in the world, everything else falls into place!

My personal Make a Difference Mission is to teach people to master the art of entrepreneurship as a gateway into prosperity and freedom. I work with a global organization,, that has a 15+ year track record graduating rural poor in developing countries out of poverty and leading entire communities into prosperity.

To further support this mission, I’ve decided to share some of my top secrets on building a referral engine and walking you through the process…and give YOU the chance to end poverty while you grow your business!

The Connection$ to Ca$hflow Bootcamp is FREE and will be held live on December 28-30 and will get you ready for 2022 with a bang! PLUS, when you attend all 3 days, I will offset a day of poverty through a donation to Ten by Three on your behalf. Just by attending the bootcamp, you’ll be helping an artisan accelerate their journey to success!

How Does it Work

Over the course of 3 days, I’ll show you how to build your very own Referral Funnel Roadmap that creates on-demand prospects.

Why a referral funnel? Imagine spending four hours cultivating a new client. That’s everything from the initial email to the sales conversation to all the follow-up.


You could spend those same four hours cultivating and building your ideal Referral Funnel partner…and get a steady stream of 1-2 clients a month! Imagine what a TEAM of these Referral Funnel partners would do for your business.

I’ll show you exactly how to do this when you join me live for the Bootcamp at 2 PM Central (12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern). Each day is delivered live, though if you can’t make it a replay will be available for 24 hours after each class. Just enough time to catch up before the next day’s training!

Day 1, Tuesday December 28:

The Referral Alchemy Secret

Ancient alchemists sought the power to turn lead into gold.  With Referral Alchemy…you’re turning Connections into Consistent Cashflow!

On Day 1, I’ll show you how to use the Referral Alchemy Secret to create a network that works for you…and gives you a smarter return on your time and resources for a steady stream of clients.

Day 2, Wednesday December 29:

Referral Magnetism Blueprint

Day 2 is all about creating balanced business relationships and how to stop “over-giving and under-receiving.”

No more hours and hours and HOURS of promoting, referring and “networking”…only to receive nothing in return. The Referral Magnetism Blueprint will show you how to have equal exchanges with the right people to get steady referrals and prospects.

Day 3, Thursday December 30:

The Referral Funnel Formula

On Day 3, you’ll get a “peek behind the curtain” of the exact system that I used to generate $2.5MM in revenue for the education franchise I worked for—without a single dollar in ad spend!

You’ll discover how to identify if someone will refer you or not and how to have the right conversations with the right people and inspire them to action.

Create Your Own Referral Funnel Roadmap in Just 3 Days

90-minutes…3 days…and a lifetime of resources for getting the right people SENT to you.

This is more than three days of information. 

This is a true bootcamp where you build as you go.

What’s it going to be?

Are you ready to create a dependable 6-figure revenue stream in the new year?

Prepared to get more of your ideal prospects sent directly to you…and spend less time stressing out on marketing that doesn’t work?

Secure your seat in the free bootcamp

By entering your email address above, you are requesting updates about upcoming trainings and advice to grow your business. You can opt out at any time, and we’ll never rent or sell your email address. Read our Privacy Policy here. 

If you need additional support, if you encounter technology issues, or if you have questions, feel free to email Support here.

Happening December 28-30 at 2 PM Central (12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern)