Did you know:
98% of entrepreneurs say they rely on referrals to grow their business…

and only 3% have a plan!

The Referral Roadmap Master Class will help you join the 3%!

During THIS powerful MASTER CLASS

Virginia will help you with:

1. Vision

Establish a clear, compelling VISION for creating a business that fuels your passions and funds your dreams.

2. Strategic Plan

Outline a STRATEGIC PLAN for getting your network working for you.

3. Goals

Set the next GOAL on your path to word-of-mouth success.

4. Tactics

Determine the most effective TACTICS for promoting your business and attracting perfect ideal clients to your business.

5. Resources

Create your individualized INVENTORY OF PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL ASSETS so you’ll know exactly which tools you need and what skills you’ll want to develop so you can turn your vision into reality!

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