Six Figure Success Summit


Virginia Muzquiz

With more than 2 decades of experience creating business by referral, Virginia Muzquiz has been teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners the art and science of filling their sales funnels with high quality referrals.  She calls her process Referral Alchemy and when used properly, it can (and has) quite literally infuse tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars into your business strictly through word of mouth. You see, most of the business owners in your network are running unconscious referral algorithms. They don’t really think about you until someone asks for a recommendation, and then they drop your name. If you are lucky, you’ve met a couple of referral archeologists who are willing to DIG in their network to see what opportunities they can find hidden in their “Rolodex.” And then, there are the elusive referral alchemists who can seemingly make referrals appear out of thin air! Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with… so if you want to hang out with the alchemists, you need to learn to BE an alchemist… and that is what working with Virginia will do for you!

Michelle Kopper

Michelle Kopper, a leading Voice, Video, & Visibility expert, has inspired thousands from business to Broadway to find and free their voice and unlock their Transformational Message to move audiences online, onstage and on camera. Her proven programs help entrepreneurs and creatives get clear, get con dent and get clients while creating a life and business of fulfillment, impact and prosperity. Author of Your Powerful Presence: 7 Steps to Get Clients, Gain Influence & Become a Leader Online and CEO of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching, Michelle, intuits highly aligned marketing language and helps clients heal blocks and fears around being seen and heard. Her unique method combines these gifts with her performance experience, to make her approach highly effective at helping clients share their message with passion & presence to amplify their sales & impact. A professional actor, singer & songwriter for 25+ years who healed paralyzing stage fright of her own, Michelle’s interactive and enthusiastic style moves audiences to heal visibility fears & discover the power of their voice. Given the chance she will sing for you—because today... she can.

Michael Neeley

Michael Neeley is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned speaker, mentor to visionary solopreneurs, and the best-selling author of Zero to Launch Podcast Accelerator.
He is the host of four popular podcasts, including the critically acclaimed Consciously Speaking, Buy This – Not That!, Something to Wine About, and The PodQuest Show.
A member of the Screen Actors Guild, Michael has appeared in feature films with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, performed off Broadway with Andre Braugher and Kathleen Chalfant, and had recurring roles in several popular soap operas.
As the founder of The Authority Academy, Michael now trains and supports heart-centered entrepreneurs in professional speaking, virtual summits, getting published, and designing and hosting their own podcast to massively grow their business and expand their audience.

Dianne Collins

Dianne Collins has had an adventurous life traveling, cooking and writing throughout her career. She is a trained chef, a Master Scuba Diving Instructor along with being the local host of a travel show in Guam.

You can find Dianne reviewing restaurants, building relationships with local Realtors and helping her referral partners with her current position as the Co-Publisher of Real Producers. Building relationships in the community is the key to her success. 
Dianne is now publishing her first cookbook in 2020 as a combined work of art. Her book consists of her own family recipes, referral partner favorites, local Realtors and friends submitted personal recipes who share her passion for cooking.

Quynh Vo

Quynh Vo is an entrepreneur, investor, International best selling author & speaker. 
She’s the creator of "Money Mastery Formula" which is a step by step program to master the 6 money skills, create your 3 year freedom plan and launch the perfect business that’s so much fun and rewarding - you don’t even feel like you’re working.

Dallas Amsden

Dallas Amsden is the Chief Ignition Officer at Men of Faith and Fire, and he is on a mission to empower Christian Men who are battling burnout so they can get on point and on fire in their Faith, with their Families, and in their Business.

Marcel Brown

Marcel Brown, known as the Most Trusted Name in Technology, is a nationally recognized technology expert with over 25 years of professional experience. The leading authority on The New World of Technology, Marcel has been featured on multiple national TV and radio appearances, quoted for numerous published articles, and his blogs have received national attention. His research on the Lost Steve Jobs Speech and Lost Steve Jobs Mouse went viral on the Internet and was subsequently spotlighted on numerous national media outlets. Having worked for large organizations such as Hearst Communications, Washington University School of Medicine, and Anheuser-Busch, Marcel has made a name for himself running his own technology services and consulting company for the last 18 years. Focused primarily on the needs of small businesses and home offices, Marcel is intimately familiar with the technology needs of business owners and professional people, including personal computing devices and services from Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Catherine Rocheleau

Catherine Rocheleau is a three-time best selling author, award winning leader and Business Impact Strategist who is passionate about creating positive social change through leadership. 

Business Leaders hire her to gain clarity, create breakthroughs and build collaborative solutions because most struggle with constant change and the unknowns that leave them feeling "off-their game", uninspired & challenged by low productivity, poor team morale, and high turnover. So, Catherine helps them to lead with purpose, resiliency and confidence in a new paradigm so they reconnect with their purpose and vision, lead and empower a great team and nurture a ‘can-do’ attitude that drives business results and creates a positive social impact… all at the same time!

The creator of the Leadership Better than Usual program, THRIVE! Inner Circle, in addition to training, speaking and coaching services, Catherine continues to use her business as a force for good through her MoreThanGreen™ sustainability initiatives

Jay Fiset

Best selling author, student of human nature, avid outdoorsman at 5 star hotels, speaks fluent smart ass, can see and reflect your life mission in 5 minutes flat, loves having 2 sons so he can play with their toys, still fantasizes about his wife after 25 years, loves ideas, but loves results even more, can simultaneously laugh and cry for different reasons at the same time, has never been star struck (but did not get a chance to meet martin Luther King, and there would have been teenage girl screaming if I had). 
I am dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.

Noon - 1:00 pm CDT
Scot Conway
Keep Your Best Clients through Ohana

Grandmaster Scot Conway has a resume that includes 47 books, 33 programs, lawyer, pastor, real estate broker, Ph.D., J.D., and, of course, martial arts grandmaster. He's known as "Grandmaster Scot With 1 T" because his Scot is spelled with just 1 T. For us, he's The Ohana Master.

1:00 - 2:00 pm CDT
Clinton Wasylichen
Decide and Do: Your winning 6-figure mindset

2:00 - 3:00 pm CDT
Kyle Gray
Selling with Stories

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur, story strategist and author who helps coaches, startups and influencers use storytelling to better communicate their unique value, and create connection and trust with their audience. He combines timeless storytelling with cutting edge marketing to ensure you’ve got the right story to tell while presenting, on a sales call or in conversation, both online and offline.

3:00 - 4:00 pm CDT
Moira Ni Gallachoir
Global Six Figure Formula: 3 Keys to Enrolling Great Clients Worldwide with Virtual Speaking

Moira helps savvy entrepreneurs build a top-tier income from virtual speaking and teaches them powerful closing keys so they enroll the maximum number of their viewers and attendees into their products and programs.

4:00 - 5:00 pm CDT
Michelle Nedelec
Making Sense of Online Marketing

International bestselling author, Michelle Nedelec is an expert in Entrepreneurialism and the founder of Awareness Strategies.  She’s run her own series of companies for over 22 years and for over 15 years has been helping Managers and Executives to continually double their profits and revenues. She not only has what it takes to help her clients build million dollar businesses, but she does it time and time again.  Michelle particularly loves to talk about Marketing Automation, Systems Integration and support both on and off of the stage. She teaches the key components of business: Strategy, Systems, Support and State of Mind so you know how to continually elevate all four components to build a healthy thriving business.  For the past 6 years she’s been focusing on helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses online from conceptualization to Done For You IT automation. 

5:00 - 6:00 pm CDT
Ben Saltzman
The Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram Revealed

Ben Saltzman, is an internationally known Enneagram expert, shadow dancer, coach trainer, spiritual maverick, and world class facilitator.

He has and has been fascinated by why humans do what we do for decades. In the Enneagram he found not only a beautiful map of our inner psychology, but also a profound system for spiritual transformation. He has used this system with fortune 500 executives, politicians, superior court judges, non-profits, and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who are greening the planet. Supporting them in deepening of self awareness, the shedding of old beliefs, and the embodiment of Power, Presence, Compassion, and Joy.

He has coached his clients to meet with, and create successful relationships with, some of the most powerful people on the planet including: Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Royalty in other countries.

He uses his understanding of the Enneagram with his wife and ten year old daughter regularly to bring more harmony, understanding, and love into their relationships.

Kimberly Hobscheid

As a Master Connector, Kimberly Hobscheid gets entrepreneurs the stages and connections they need to stop being overlooked, and massively grow their revenue and reach.

Kimberly is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, best-selling author, audiobook producer, six-time entrepreneur. 

Kimberly is the creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, an active community of Entrepreneurs, looking to contribute, connect, and grow with other entrepreneurs. 

Kimberly is also the mother of two and an adventure seeker, who has hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, navigated Class IV rapids with one of Costa Rica's female Olympic medal-winning whitewater champions, sailed down the coast of Mexico on a 42-foot Yankee Clipper, and traversed 200 miles on horseback through Canada’s Jasper National Park. Her motto is "live life out loud"

Kimberly has been a guest speaker in cities worldwide, inspiring people to get to where they want to go. Her specialty is turning dreams into reality.

11:00 - Noon CDT
Iman Aghay
How to Create and Sell Your Online Course in 60 Days or Less

Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and 6-time #1 best-selling author.
He is best known as the founder of Success Road Academy, and has created over 50 courses that help coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs grow their business aligned with their life purpose.
In 2010, Iman founded Success Road Academy, which has become an industry leader in online marketing and training. Through Success Road Academy, Iman has worked with over 150, 000 business owners, in various niches, and helped them expand their business and impact. Iman is also the founder of Entrepreneurs International Network, which has a community of over 150, 000 members in 5 countries. Iman is also part owner of JV Insider Circle, the world’s leading community for entrepreneurs to find partnerships and deals, by utilizing community and connection. He continues making an impact through using community to connect entrepreneurs to their life purpose, and the people who can assist them.
He has become widely successful by helping other people to achieve greatness in their own lives.
Iman’s TEDx talk is one of the world’s top-rated speeches, which focuses on how to live a life with no regrets.
Iman has mastered creating a successful heart-centered business. He believes that all entrepreneurs can build a business based on their life’s purpose. His vision of having a massive positive impact on 100 million people has fueled his love and passion for guiding entrepreneurs to success.
As the Leaders’ Mentor, Iman’s focus was and always is serving his clients and community with the utmost excellence and integrity.

Noon - 1:00 pm CDT
Howard Sambol
Generate $10K per month using a Leveraged Business Model

I’m the life fulfillment catalyst. Founder and director of Life Crafting.

My team and I guide you to clarify your soul purpose, unique genius, then craft an ideal business where you make money doing what you love.

I’m also an award winning author of Craft Your Genius Life and a master astrologer with over 30 years experience. There’s a good 1 minute intro video about me at

Dr. Ellen Moran

1:00 - 2:00 pm CDT
Ellen Moran
When Talk Isn't Cheap: Avoiding Costly Communication Mistakes

Ellen is a leadership consultant and certified executive coach, who works nationally and internationally with a wide range of clients and industries. She has a deep interest in the below conscious drivers of effective communication that build the deep levels of rapport and trust to ethically motivate and influence others.

2:00 - 3:00 pm CDT
Jennie Bellinger
Six Figure Tech Tips: Invest in Tech That Buys Back Your Time and Gives You Back Your Sanity

Jennie Bellinger is better known as The Direct Sales Domme. She's the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery podcast and helps rock star direct sales moms whip their business into shape. Jennie is a Certified Professional Coach, so her methods aren't painful, but are very effective.

3:00 - 4:00 pm CDT
Larissa Banting
Newsjacking for PR & Profit

Larissa Banting is one of only a handful of professionals to be Accredited by the Canadian Public Relations Society. Through her boutique agency, El Bee PR, she helps entrepreneurs amplify their audience and authority via publicity. Past clients include Bombay Sapphire Gin, the City of St. Albert, Nelvana, CBC and CTV networks. After moving to Costa Rica in 2002, she opened one of the first destination wedding planning firms in Central America and within four years had been named Top 30 Destination Wedding Planners in the World. Banting is the author of the best-selling Costa Rica - The Bradt Guide.

4:00 - 5:00 pm CDT
Rob Goyette
How to build, nurture, and sell to an email list

Rob Goyette has built a list of over 20,000 coaches and runs a multi-six figure business around this audience. On this talk, he's going to give you his very best advice for building your list, nurturing your audience, and making them irresistible email offers.

5:00 - 6:00 pm CDT
Sharon Otaguro
The 5 Keys to Greater Clarity, Confidence and Ease in Life and Business

WELLth Coach, Sharon Otaguro, works with leaders in the spa and wellness industry to overcome the busy-ness addictions that leave them exhausted, out of balance between their home and work, and in a constant state of guilt for not doing "enough".
Sharon helps them retain the Love they had for helping others, helps them retrain their brain to generate energy flow that brings abundance instead of scarcity, and connects their heart to their head through systems and strategy that makes everything flow with Ease.
She builds a bridge between sales and profit that is paved with stories, celebrations and the love of being in service to a bigger calling. She fosters Ohana (community) to increase support and accountability, and she shares her unconditional belief in Your passions in order to partner in your Successes.
Her background in luxury hotels and destination wellness resorts like Golden Door Spa, Waldorf=Astoria opening new spas and traveling to Jamaica, Fiji, Florida, Utah and Hawai'i gives her a unique lifestyle and luxury spa perspective. Working through operational efficiencies, team engagement and leadership development, Sharon's ability to bring out the best in others.
Leaders serving consciously in their circles of influence. Healers sharing Aloha, and building lives full of freedom, joy and success. People Being in Authenticity and Integrity. That means, You.

6:00 - 7:00 pm CDT
TR Garland
Psychographic Scripting System (LinkedIN)