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Discover the Art and Science of Networking that Attracts Quality Clients and Catapults your Business to the Next Level!

What's inside the 6 Figure Network Mastercass?

6 Figure Network Masterclass

The most important

decision you must make

Implementing this single tip alone can dramatically increase your referrals and your revenue!

6 Figure Network Masterclass

How to help your Network

“get” what you do

Make sure your network knows how to magnetize ideal prospects to your door… the magic is in the message!

6 Figure Network Masterclass

What your network MUST

know in order to refer you

What everyone in your network must be able to do in order to find prospects who are ready to invest in the solution you have to offer!

6 Figure Network Masterclass

Not all referral sources are

created equal

How to stop networking just for fun by finding the RIGHT people to team up with

6 Figure Network Masterclass

Not every network is built 

for you

Most every network is full of great people… but not every network is built to create your 6-figure referral funnel!

6 Figure Network Masterclass

Ninja Networking Hacks to

create next level connections

Powerful tips and tactics for making the MOST out of the time you spend connecting.

98% of the solopreneurs rely on referrals to grow their business… only 3% have a plan.

Isn’t it time YOU joined the 3%?

Hi! I’m Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Diva, creator of the Referrals on Demand® method and founder of Master Connectors, Inc.

My mission is to help 100,000 mission-driven solo-entrepreneurs create a sustainable multi-six-figure revenue stream without the hassle of complicated tech or the expense of paid traffic. Maybe you are one of them?

As for me… I’m a wife, a mom, a Gigi and a passionate supporter of Ten by Three, a non-profit organization that is eradicating poverty in developing nations by turning artisans into entrepreneurs through our powerful Prosperity Wages® model.

Let’s connect and make the world a better place!

6 Figure Network Masterclass
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