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Successful Business Networking

Most business owners know they “should” network. But all too often, well, it seems like a complete waste of time. Determined to find new clients, they dress up, tuck their business cards in their pocket and head out to yet another event, HOPING to find someone, ANYONE, who might need their product or service or know someone who could.

And most of the time, they head home with a pocket full of business cards of other folks who just want to sell them something they may, or likely don’t, need. It’s a Catch-22.

But what if it could be different? What if you could go to fewer events, but attract MORE clients – ideal ones – the kind who bring you 90% of your profit, and more importantly, 100% of your joy?

What if networking felt more like spending time with friends and less like a middle school dance – you know, back when you stood on the sidelines watching everyone else boogie, but couldn’t bring yourself to get out on the floor and dance?



is grounded on our Three-Day Elite Training: Rev Up Your Referrals Retreat


Hi, it’s Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Diva®.


I learned the value of creating a Word-of-Mouth marketing plan more than a decade ago when I took over management of a local tutoring franchise. In my first year, I was able to increase our college prep enrollments by 800% using a simple to follow word-of-mouth strategy – in a town 45 miles from my home, where I knew absolutely no one!


Later I used that same strategy to grow that company’s No Child Left Behind program from $0 in annual revenue to $2.5 MILLION in annual revenue – in just over 5 years!


In 2011, I left that tutoring franchise and started my coaching practice, dedicated to helping business owners discover the secret to creating 6-figure incomes by referral. I’ve used the same system I teach to grow this business from $0 in 2010 to nearly $250K in annual revenue in about 18 months!

If you can have a conversation over a cup of coffee – you can grow your business by referral, too!  It’s just a matter of doing the right work with the right people to get the result you are looking for!

Virginia Muzquiz

Virginia Muzquiz, the Referral Diva®


  • EXACTLY who your ideal clients are – and where to find them.
  • What to SAY to them so that they volunteer to be your clients AND are willing to invest in what you have to offer
  • WHICH people in your network are most likely to refer to you AND how to educate, motivate and reward them for helping you grow your business
  • WHERE, and, more importantly, HOW to network for profitability instead of just being seen
  • HOW to create an army of ambassadors, advocates and affiliates for your business – virtually for FREE!
  • I have done this, and dozens of my clients have, too.  And I’m telling you that you have everything you need in the network you have to create a six-figure word of mouth revenue stream RIGHT NOW…

    Referral Training with Corey
    Rev Up Your Referrals Training Program in progress

    I’ve personally helped dozens of business owners just like you create word of mouth marketing plans that have helped them strengthen their network, grow their businesses and make more money.  And I’d love to teach you how to do it, too!

    But let’s go back to my MLM days, when I didn’t know any of this and couldn’t figure out how to make my business work.  I was working so hard and had no clue how to find clients, book shows or build a team.

    I spent hours on end trying to find customers — cold calling, direct prospecting (in the mall, in the post office, in the grocery stores, you name it!), purchasing leads and networking without ever getting anything close to real results.

    Soon I had built up a mountain of “no’s” and a pile of business cards of people I would never follow up with.  I had no idea how to turn those “no’s” into “yeses” and those business cards into referrals.

    And when it came time to build a team, all I did was give away all my profit by offering my best customers a lifetime 50% discount, just so I could climb the ranks.  When I think of it today – trading hundreds of dollars in profit for double-digit commissions, I still wonder what on earth I was thinking!  I ended up many thousands of dollars in debt in exchange for a lesson well-learned!

    And I took that lesson and created a strategy for never making that same mistake again.  And it was THAT strategy that led me to great success with that tutoring company and then in my own coaching business today.  And it is the same strategy that I want to share with you!

    The good news is you don’t have to be a social media guru, a best-selling blogger or a social butterfly to make this work! 


    When I suddenly became the single mother of 6 I realized that my DJing, previously  more of a hobby for, now needed to become a real business and I wasn’t sure how to go about that.
    I chose to go to work with Virginia because after talking to her I felt that she truly cared about my story, and me. It was clear that she had the toolsI needed to help me turn my hobby into a successful in my business.
    Since attending the seminar I have gained more confidence, realized my value and raised my prices, and I feel that my business relationships have improved greatly!

    Dana Brust DJ Divine


    Before working with Virginia, I was trying to decide if I should give up on my business and go find a job because I had no clear Idea of where to begin to get the volume of business I needed to survive, let alone, thrive!
    I had no idea how I was going to create success in a down economy as a new business owner in a competitive industry.
    At the Rev Up LIVE event I learned so much about myself as an individual and a business owner.
    I’ve been applying the Rev Up principles to my business for just over a year now and my business has nearly doubled and continues to grow. I’m no longer thinking about looking for a job—I’m looking for people to hire!

    This program has changed my life!

    Michelle Ahrens Y-Knot Enterprises


    Before working with Virginia, I wasn’t getting referrals because while everyone knew someone who they thought should see a counselor, no one wanted to actually recommend counseling to their friends and family.
    I was spending a lot of time and money networking and getting little or nothing for my efforts. Before working the Rev Up Your Referrals process, I was very uncertain about how to present myself in networking situations.
    Now, I have a clear message and can communicate it with confidence. As a result of working with Virginia, I know where and how to network. I know how to communicate a clear message. I know who to network with to get the best results.
    My work with Virginia has completely changed the way I do networking. I have learned to pursue my passion and expertise, and now I only work with parents and children doing the work I love best, helping kids have happy childhoods and helping moms love being moms.

    Deborah Woods

    It doesn’t matter what your personality is – you CAN create a strategic plan for creating a predictable, on-demand, referred revenue stream when you know three simple steps

    Believe it or not, a fair number of my most successful clients are actually introverts! This is amazing news for those of you who are not comfortable navigating crowds of strangers!

    And, for those of you who LOVE meeting new people, these simple steps will save you a TON of time because they will point you in the direction of the people who can have the most impact on your business, so you’ll be far more leveraged in your efforts.

    And, hey, if you are just starting out and you don’t have much of a network yet, that’s OK, too! Think about it? You’ll know the secrets of successful networking BEFORE you ever get started and I can save you tons of time making the mistake of creating a network that may be wonderfully supportive, but doesn’t work for you.

    You’ll be scouting out, educating and motivating a team of ambassadors, advocates and associates right out of the gate!

    As your network starts to grow, so will your business, and you’ll be working less, playing more and enjoying a much improved income stream!

    So, are you ready to start cultivating a network of professionals that truly work for you?

    Well, I’ve got great news for you, I’ve just put the finishing touches on my brand new, step by step, online learning program! In just 8 weeks, you can create your very own, customized, word of mouth marketing plan that will transform the way you attract business to your door!

    It’s called: “Rev Up Your Referrals Online Academy: Three simple secrets to making all your networking work for you!”

    It’s an EASY, step by step system that hands you all of my strategies, secrets, tactics and tips for creating a powerful plan that will insure that your network sends you an endless stream of clients who love your work in the world and are willing to pay you for your expert assistance!

    So, if you are just beginning to network, you’ll be so excited to have a plan of action right out of the gate. And if this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll benefit from analyzing your network and knowing which people have the best chance of bringing you business.

    At last!  A simple, down-to-earth system that details everything you need to know about building and leveraging a network that supports your purpose, increases your opportunities and cares about your bottom line as much as you do!

    “Rev up your Referrals Online Academy” is a complete “three-T” system that shows you how to:

    • Claim your value so others clearly see why you are better than the competition.
    • Get focused and stay motivated to see your plan through.
    • Find your true purpose to magnetize your ideal client right to you.
    • Set goals that inspire your ideal clients to choose YOU over your competition.
    • Define your TRIBE so you can simplify your marketing and get OFF the Revenue Roller Coaster.
    • Become a TRUSTED ADVISOR to your prospects and your clients.
    • Communicate your value so others can take your message to market for you.
    • Be congruent so your values and your actions are 100% in alignment at all times.
    • Design a Referral Team that can provide you with 3 times the clients in 1/10 of the time!
    • Work Your Network to insure that you are leveraging your best opportunities.
    • Network Your Network to find the best connections that will bring you profit and joy!
    • And, finally, NETWORK – one simple conversation that will get you appointments – guaranteed!

    The Rev Up Your Referrals Online Academy is organized in 3 simple, easy to implement sections:

    Multi Icon


    This section will set you up for success. But, it does contain a few things you’ll NEED to do that will save you time and money later. You are going to want to set a strong foundation for your word of mouth marketing plan. You’ll identify your core values and find your “why” for being in business. You’ll set goals that inspire and attract clients to your door. And you’ll choose a niche market so you can focus your energies and your resources on attracting and serving your most profitable, joy-inducing clients!

    Shield Icon


    Expertise is important, but it isn’t enough! If you want to inspire and attract your ideal clients to your door, they need to know that you are more than just good at what you do. They need to know that you consistently add value past the purchase. Think about it – there are plenty of people who do what you do or who sell what you sell. So why should they choose you over your competitors? Before your ideal clients can choose you, YOU need complete CLARITY about your own value, that special something that you can offer your clients than no one else can. Then you’ll need a COMMUNICATION strategy so that others understand that compelling difference. And finally, you must always be CONGRUENT with your message, and believe it or not, that takes planning!


    If you were putting together a baseball team you’d need certain kinds of players – a catcher, a pitcher, outfielders, etc… If you were putting together a football team you’d need a quarterback, a tight end, some linebackers. Your referral team is a lot like that. No two referral teams look alike. If you want your team to play at optimum capacity, you’ve got to bring together the right people for you. You need to bring together professionals who work with your ideal client on a regular basis and can easily refer you. During this part, I’ll walk you through a simple 3-step process for filling those positions with quality professionals who have the resources and the ability to work with you to generate a consistent, predictable, RECIPROCAL referred revenue stream.

    With the Rev Up Your Referrals Academy Online Course, you’ll have instant access to all of the teaching and templates hundreds of entrepreneurs have used to create a predictable referral stream for their business!

    PLUS, when you enroll today, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to my Business By Referrals Bootcamp LIVE event where you will interact with solo-business owners and sales professionals who, just like are you are DONE networking for nothing and are ready to capture the net worth of their network.  During this event, you’ll refine your referral process while actually TRAINING new referral sources who can share information, resources and influence to help you reach your goals!

    So are you ready to get off the Revenue Roller Coaster and start building a business that fuels your passions and funds your dreams?

    This is a limited time offer, so register NOW before the window of opportunity closes!  Just click on the secure order link below and we’ll get you set up with immediate personal access to the Business By Referrals Bootcamp online home learning program.


    Then, in the next few days, one of our Referral Strategists will give you a call to reserve your seat at one of our upcoming LIVE events!

    My Personal Work

    “Worry-Free” Guarantee

    Complete the Rev Up Your Referrals Academy online modules, submit your completed templates, attend our LIVE mastermind event and communicate freely with us via our Get Connected FaceBook group.  If you  implement all the great strategies we share and do not earn your tuition back by referral, we will personally work with you until you do!

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