My mission is to change business results through more connections and referrals.

Did you know …

98% of Business Owners Rely on Referrals to Grow Their Business

That probably comes as no surprise. Referral marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies around. But what is surprising is that only about 3% of those business owners have a plan for how to grow their business!

Yes, only 3%. And that’s where I come in.

I’m Virginia Muzquiz. I’ve been called The Referral Diva® by those who work with me. I take seriously showing business owners how to connect in a way that is both profitable and fun with the Secrets of Referral Alchemy.

With the Right Plan, It’s Easy to Get Success with Word-of-Mouth Business ReferralsI didn’t start out knowing how to do Referral Alchemy. In fact, I first learned the value of creating a Word-of-Mouth marketing plan, more than a decade ago when I took over management of a local tutoring franchise. In my first year there, I was able to increase our college prep enrollments by 800%.

How did I do it? I developed a plan that used a simple-to-follow word-of-mouth strategy – and it worked … even though I was in a town 45 miles from my home where I knew absolutely no one!

There’s a Better Way to Add Value for Accelerated Growth

Later I used Referral Alchemy to grow that company’s No Child Left Behind program. I took the business from $0 in annual revenue to $2.5 MILLION in annual revenue – in just over 5 years! This kind of near-magic accelerated growth is unheard of with many marketing strategies. But with the added value word-of-mouth marketing provides, accelerated growth is easier than you think.

Once I knew the Secrets of Referral Alchemy, getting results not only became fast … But it became easy.

But Before I Knew How to do even Basic Referral Marketing, Business Was Hard!

But so you don’t get the wrong impression, my path didn’t start with this kind of huge success.

The Impact of My Not Knowing About Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Before I knew how to do word-of-mouth marketing, I couldn’t figure out how to make my own business work. I was working so hard with nothing good to show for and no clue how to change the path that I was on. I spent hours on end trying to find customers … Cold calling … direct prospecting … In the mall, in the post office, in grocery stores – you name it …

Purchasing leads and networking without ever getting anything close to real results. Soon I had built a mountain of ‘no’s’ and a pile of business cards of people I would never follow-up with. I had no idea how to turn those ‘no’s’ into ‘yeses’ and those business cards into referrals. When it came to building a team, I was at a lost. And that meant I wasn’t able to scale or even ramp up my profitability. When I think of it today, it was a recipe for disaster. But I didn’t know then what I know now. Fortunately, I figured out a way to create not only a profitable business but one that brings more joy … not just for me but for others too.

Coaching Others to Success

First, I discovered word-of-mouth marketing, then the magic of Referral Alchemy and experiencing how it changed my business.  I implemented a plan and some strategies so my success could be repeated by others.

I came to see that I could touch many more lives with what I had uncovered over the years moving from struggle to successfully growing a business and revenue. So I left that tutoring franchise and started my coaching practice.


Since then, I have been dedicated to helping business owners discover the secret to creating 6-figure incomes by referral.

I’ve used the same Referral Alchemy system I teach to grow this business from $0 in 2010 to nearly $250K in annual revenue in about 18 months! I know both personally and professionally that referral marketing works … and I want to help you

The ‘Why’ Behind the ‘Why’

You’d only have to be with me for a minute or so to see how much connecting people means to me. I love introducing one person to another so both grow their opportunities and potential. That’s because, at the heart of who I am, I want everyone to succeed.

Referral Alchemy is a clear way that works to get success flowing. It creates a river of freedom and abundance. It allows more time for loved ones. To live life on your own terms. And to have the flexibility to do what you love. Unlike a lot of other gimmicks and tactics, it leads to real success.

But referral marketing does even more. It gives more opportunity to join forces with others, to tap into your highest potential and to right injustices in the world. This matters to me deeply.

(That’s just one reason I am a proud sponsor of Ten by Three.) Having a successful business has brought this to me and more. And I’d love to show you how I can do it for you. Because I believe everyone deserves success and the gifts that it brings. So commit to yourself and to your business.

Let’s explore how Referral Alchemy can work for you.

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