Create Profitable Relationships…

and Stop Wasting Time with People Who Won’t Grow Your Business

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Are you a small business owner who finds themselves attending networking event…after networking event…after networking event …  And seeing NO return on your time or money?

You’re buried trying to get all those “virtual coffees” booked…but have no time to actually run your business.

There’s little time to enjoy your life…and you crave the day you can actually count on making dinner with your family.

Then this is for you!

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of this Masterclass.

If you are…

A small business owner

A consultant

A service provider

It’s time to implement this system.

Stop spending all of your time going to networking events that never give you a real return.
Start leveraging the right events and connections so you spend less time “networking” and more time profiting.

On this Masterclass, we’re diving into:

● The #1 Mindset Mistake that is killing your ROR (Return on Relationship)

● The Tragic Assumption that is costing you more opportunity than you know

● The BEST way to leverage your network to create a predictable stream of referred revenue for your business;

● And more!

Hi, I’m Virginia Muzquiz. I'm the founder of Master Connectors, Inc., and I help entrepreneurs create a 6-figure income and still have time to enjoy it!

For years, I was stuck on the revenue roller coaster, frustrated with an inconsistent stream of prospects, fewer clients than I needed and always "running out of time" to get everything done... and then, I found a way out!

I'm sharing the EXACT SYSTEM I used to grow a tutoring program from $0 in revenue to $2.5 million in under 6 years… without a single dollar in ad spend! I used a referral system that took advantage of the power of word of mouth…and deployed it in a town where I didn’t even live.

Stop wasting time with all the networking that doesn’t work and start finding the gold in your own network.

Worried this will be another fluff-filled training...and you won’t get a return on your time?

I believe there’s no such thing as “business.” It’s a myth.

The reality is people “do business” with people. And building quality relationships is the #1 resource to build your business.

That starts with fulfilling your promises.

I’m sharing the step-by-step system I used to build my businesses by referral...and have used in countless businesses over the last 20 years.

Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from...and start getting a steady stream of referrals and other business resources in your door day after day.

For: Entrepreneurs who want to use a system for steady referrals

Where: 100% Online

Thank you for being part of this Masterclass.

I know you’re really busy, and not everyone has the same schedule. That’s why I’ve created several different opportunities to join me on this Masterclass. Sign up above and choose the time that works best for you.