Define Your TRIBE

Identify the perfect, ideal prospects for you.

The most common, most costly mistake entrepreneurs make is to market to EVERYONE and ANYONE as if they were a prospect.This almost ALWAYS results in low sales, low contract values and loads of frustration.The DEFINE YOUR TRIBE process will help you identify the perfect, ideal prospects for you.The kind that will turn in to clients you bring you 90% of your profit and 90% of your joy.The kind who will LOVE who you are and what you are up to in the world, AND they will want to use their purchasing power to support you.There are 3 steps to the DEFINE THE TRIBE process that you will be working on over the next 2 weeks:

  • Find Your WHY — Discover and share  the powerful story of your authentic self that lets your TRIBE know who you are and why you do what you do!
  • Set GOALS THAT MATTER — Escape scarcity thinking forever, achieve your dreams and make a HUGE impact in the world!
  • Define the TRIBE — Discover how narrowing your marketing focus will increase your referrals and your income !

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