Did you know that 98% of small business owners RELY on referrals to grow their business… and only 3% have a PLAN???

Well, it’s TRUE! And now there’s a book that will take the MYSTERY out of creating a perfectly predictable referral stream!

Virginia Muzquiz


With more than 2 decades of experience creating business by referral, Virginia has been teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners the art and science of filling their sales funnels with high quality referrals, and now she has combined her wisdom, expertise and resources in this powerful new book: Referral Alchemy! You see, most business owners are running simple referral algorithms. Basically, they wait for someone to ask for a recommendation and then drop your name. If you are lucky, you’ve met a couple of referral archeologists who are willing to DIG in their network to see what opportunities they can find hidden in their “rolodex.” And then, there are the elusive referral alchemists who can seemingly make referrals appear out of thin air! Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with… so if you want to hang out with the alchemists, you need to learn to BE an alchemist… and that is what this book will do for you!

Your Proven Formula for creating Business by Referral and living your Life by Design

Now is the time to finally build a network that fuels your passions, funds your dreams and maximizes your impact on the world where you live and the community you serve! 

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