Identify who your perfect referral partners are and how to best build relationships with them.


Discover how to make the best of referral partner relationships to optimize and leverage each one.


With a system to build, leverage and connect referral partners, you can solve many business problems.

Discover How To Be A Master Connector

Don’t let your business … or your clients’ success wait another moment longer.

“Relationships are the key to business success.
And Referral Partners are key to business relationships.’

Virginia Muzquiz






Relationships Create Referrals

Fill Your Calendar

Struggling to get your calendar filled with sales calls? I have a simple-to-use framework that will let you connect with the right referral partners to fill your calendar with ease (and all you have to do is reach out to them).

Connect With Ideal Clients

Tired of cold calling (and even colder prospects)? I can show you a step-by-step client connection system that delivers warm leads already familiar with who you are and what you do.


Pre-Qualify Prospects

Wasting time on calls that could never lead to a sale (no matter what you did)? Master Connectors provides a highly effective blueprint to get referral partners to pre-qualify leads for you (so you don’t have to do all the work).

Expand Your Reach

Struggling to reach new clients or target areas? I can let you in on my method for expanding reach without having to personally do all of the heavy lifting.

Common Mistakes That Cost Money

Here are 3 common mistakes that even smart, hard working business owners make.Any one of these can stop business growth (and reduce profit).

They are:

1. Relying solely on mass media messaging

2. Using un-leveraged marketing strategies and

3. Going it alone.

These are huge mistakes because they guarantee that a business will never reach its potential.

But there’s a better way.

It’s through becoming a Master Connector.

By discovering the power in referrals and improving how you connect, you’ll change the trajectory of your business.



Because …

Referrals = Solutions


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